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No pain, no gain...

No pain, no gain… Is applicable in business as well as in sports All top sports are top business, but all top business is top sport Athletes are depending on business. No business, no sports. What sponsoring an athlete can do for you or your company?

Living the life of a top athlete is very expensive
There’s your training facilities, your plane tickets, hotels, clothing, sports gear and entry fees and so on and so on. All athletes, Jorik & Loena as well, are dependent on sponsorships, they are dependent on business. Finding and recruiting those sponsors appears to be another high level sport and may we say, far from easy. We find this very amazing, because sponsoring a top athlete or team has so many advantages.

LET ME benefit 

Did you for instance ever ask yourself what sponsoring an athlete can do for you or your company?

Please let us highlight some of the biggest advantages like,

• Increase brand awareness-local, national or even international.
• Change or upgrade your corporate image.
• Increase your sales
• Motivate and engage your own employees.
• Support your corporate vision and mission.
• Get more media attention

And there are numerous more advantages that we can mention, but we would love to persuade you in a personal introduction.

You’re probably well aware that investing in top athletes or sport is tax-deductible and can even bring you tax advantages, so that shouldn’t stop you from participating in sponsoring.
Of course and all depending on the extent of your investment, Jorik and Loena are very happy to be your brand ambassador. Your brand will be published on all their official Media, their clothing and cars and so on. However, that’s not where it ends, that’s only where it begins. Think of workshops with your
employees, tickets to major competitions, use Jorik as your host or guest speaker, get introduced and connected to other sponsors and do more business etc. etc.

We need you, but you will benefit from your investment in us
Sponsoring can be realized in many ways, meaning that it may as well be goods and/or services and so it doesn’t always involve money. Furthermore, it’s important to mention, your contribution can never be too small or too little… Just by joining the “Club of 100” (one hundred members paying  € 100) you’re already helping us to make it to the next Olympic Games in Pyeongchang 2018. Please send us a mail and we will be very happy to explain all sponsorship possibilities.

Thank you very much in advance for your support.

Jorik & Loena

Let me benefit

one dream, one goal

We are Jorik and Loena Hendrickx, Belgian Champions in Figure Skating and besides that, we’re also brother and sister. We made this website to thank our fans who supported us so far and of course to introduce ourselves to a bigger audience. Just take a look and read our stories. Wouldn’t you like to join us on our journey to Pyeongchang? You’re more than welcome and we really could use your help.

many thanks to OUR SPONSORS

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