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We have One Dream, One Goal

Hello I’m Jorik and for those who don’t know me, I was born in 1992 and I’m from Arendonk a small village in Belgium and right now I’m the ruling Belgian Champion in Figure Skating. The Ice and skating are my passion for life ever since I was a little kid. Hi I‘m Loena, just turned 17 and madly, passionately in love with Figure Skating. In 2015 I was the Belgian Champion in Figure Skating Lady’s junior.

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For any top athlete it’s the most prestigious, the most valuable but also the most challenging competition in life, The Olympic Games.

The Olympic games are just for the happy few. It takes almost a life time of preparation and everything has to fall in place, just at the right time. A carefully planned training schedule, entering the right tournaments and competitions to be prepared. You have to work hard, it takes sacrifices and suffering, you have to focus and pray you don’t get injured at the wrong moment. If all falls in to place and you have met the qualification demands, that’s when you earn your ticket to the ultimate Sports Arena. “Participating is more important than winning” is commonly heard around the Olympic athlete’s village, but we all share the same dream, listening to your national hymn, wearing the gold around your neck.

I’m still very grateful and proud for the opportunity I’ve been given, to participate in the Olympic Winter games 2014 in Sochi where I placed 16th. For many a once in a lifetime experience, but not for me. I did set myself a new goal... Pyeongchang South Korea in 2018. If I stay focused and work even harder, I’ll be able to make it into the Top Ten. And this time I’m sharing my Olympic dream and my goal because, I’m bringing my younger sister Loena.

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Jorik is my bigger brother but also my role model and my hero of course.

People tell me I’m very talented and because of my young age, I have all the potential in the world, to make it to the top. I saw my brother at the Olympic Games in Sochi and from that moment on, my mind was set. I’m going to train, workout, skate and do the best I can and I’m going to walk beside my brother when we enter the Games to represent Belgium.

First it was Jorik’s dream, but now brother and sister share that same dream, we share that same goal. Never before in Belgian Olympic Winter Games history, have brother and sister participated at the same Olympic Winter Games at the same discipline.

one dream, one goal

We are Jorik and Loena Hendrickx, Belgian Champions in Figure Skating and besides that, we’re also brother and sister. We made this website to thank our fans who supported us so far and of course to introduce ourselves to a bigger audience. Just take a look and read our stories. Wouldn’t you like to join us on our journey to Pyeongchang? You’re more than welcome and we really could use your help.

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